Dangers of an African Safari

What could be more enchanting to a traveler than the sights and sounds of Africa, the most mystical continent on earth? The savannah complete with wildlife and its plentiful flora and fauna. For the adventurous, there are tours that take tourists around its many wildlife reserves. Tanzania and Botswana are some places where one could go on an African safari. The wildebeest migration every year, in the Serengeti is a sight to behold on a safari. The view is breathtaking but the question remains. What are the dangers of African safari?
The whole point of a safari is to come close to wildlife, while maintaining a reasonable distance. There are many dangers on a safari. But then again it’s the danger that makes it so exciting, according to my buddy over at Roswell Movers. Admittedly, it could get tricky getting close to wild predators like lions, crocodiles in water, and leopards. Elephants are no less dangers because of their sheer size and strength. They are also unpredictable. Mothers with cubs are a force to reckon with. However, it’s been many years now that Continue reading

Go on an African Safari

In America, there is a lot to see that makes a family vacation fun and enjoyable. The kids will remember the trips long after they have their own kids. It’s almost like a tradition in America to take these trips. After all of the kids have grown up and moved away and have families of their own, what is there to do? Just trying to see the grandkids can be like a full time job especially if they live in different parts of the country. The house gets quiet and there doesn’t seem to be anything to do. Why not plan some trips outside of the USA to see the rest of the world. One great idea is to consider an African safari vacation. My friend over at Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney has went on 2 of these!

An African safari vacation is an experience and not just a trip. When people go on a safari they are treated as royalty. From the meals that are presented to the five star lodges that people stay in, nothing is overlooked. Just being on the African continent will make people excited and the anticipation of the African safari vacation will fill ones insides just like going Continue reading