How to Take Great Photos on a Safari

If you’re going to head out on an African Safari, you are definitely going to want to document all the sights and animals you see. The landscapes are gorgeous, the animals are amazing, you are going to want to photograph everything! But you’re going to want to ensure that you have the best pictures to show your friends, so here are some tips:

You’re going to want to get as close as possible to the animals you photograph, although how close you get will depend on the animal & habitat you are visiting. Getting close is not always wise! Bringing a camera with several zoom lenses options is recommended, minimum of 250 mm if possible. This post is brought to you buy our friends at Columbia Movers!

Ambient light will make all the difference, your camera’s flash will not be effective outside and at such long distances. Make sure you use the sun effectively, placing it between you and the animal in some variation so you can maximize the light. Discuss this with your companions and driver, so that everyone can be mindful of the sun’s position for the best pictures.

Make sure your equipment is ready and prepared. You will be taking a lot of photographs, so make sure you have enough memory cards with you, bring bags and label them so that you can keep track of your cards. Make sure your lenses are clean and you have what you need to keep them clean, as you will be outdoors in unpredictable weather.

Be creative! Look for opportunities to take photos that aren’t the usual. Animals playing with their babies, hunting for prey, fighting with each other – action shots are great with such a beautiful landscape. If you’re going for something quieter, wait for the animal to make eye contact, you may have to be very patient but the results will be worthwhile.

Taking photos of animals on a safari can be a memorable experience!

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