What to Wear on a Safari

One of the most critical things you need to think about as you’re packing for a safari is what to wear. If you don’t bring the right clothes and shoes, a wonderful trip can quickly turn miserable. So what do you need to bring?

Spring and Fall are unpredictable in Africa, temperatures can swing widely while you are there. Spring weather starts in August, and summer in is generally very hot. If you are on safari in June or July, which is the winter season, you will need to come fully prepared with cold weather clothes. The temps may be mild during the day, but drop a great deal at night.

Bringing a variety of clothes is key. The mornings may be quite cool, so layer accordingly. Temperatures can change fast from cool in the morning to very hot during the day. Rain might occur if you are in the Cape so bring a rainproof jacket and comfortable walking shoes.


Long pants and long sleeved shirts in the evenings are recommended to guard against mosquitoes. Malaria is only an issue in small parts of Africa, but bring mosquito repellent as well.


Should you pack a lot of browns and greens? If you don’t own clothes in neutral colors, it is not really necessary to buy it just for the safari. Wildlife sees a safari vehicle as one huge animal or unit, so a bright color on a guest will not trigger them A walking safari is a different thing. You are invading their territory and will now be smaller than many of the animals you are viewing. The guide will expect you to dress appropriately in bush colors i.e no white or bright colors at all.

Packing clothes for a safari can be a challenge as you must be prepared for a variety of temperatures, just pack with the idea of layers and you will be fine!

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